Xavier Xue

Xavier stepped into his first pair of tiny black ballet shoes at a mere 18 months of age, and featured in his first Christmas Concert at just two years of age. The youngest in a sea of pink frilly tutus worn by girls much older than him, he somehow remembered all of his choreography, dancing with a somewhat bemused look on his face, entranced by the bright stage lights. Xavier studied Ballet, Jazz and Tap, before moving to live in the rice fields of Japan at three years of age. Whilst in Japan, he had no opportunity to formally study dance, however everyday would wake up, turn on the TV and happily dance away to the Japanese children’s breakfast TV shows, improvising with whatever props he could find. After fleeing Japan’s triple disaster of 2011 at the age of four, Xavier moved back to the Gold Coast and commenced formal dance training and competed in performance teams. For many years, Xavier felt first-hand the trauma of verbal and physical abuse at the hands of bullies who could not understand that Xavier was not “one of the boys” and that he was passionate about dance. He struggled to find his place in a female-dominant industry and has endeavoured to prove others wrong when they said that he would not amount to much in the world of ballet, that his physique was wrong, and that it would take a miracle for him to pass his RAD exam. In late 2016, Xavier had a private class with Miss Claudia Dean, former principal dancer with The Royal Ballet; a class that changed everything. For the first time in his life, he was complimented on his lines and his feet, and it was from this moment on that Xavier found his love for ballet again. Xavier is now surrounded by teachers who encourage and inspire him, and who continue to help him strive to be the best dancer he can be. In 2016 Xavier was nominated for “Breakout Artist of the Year” at Get the Beat Nationals, having been previously awarded Regional Champion and Runner-up Regional Champion with Hip-Hop routines. He also landed a role in Queensland Ballet’s “The Nutcracker”, where it was the first time that Xavier was coached by males. It was a dream come true to dance under the careful guidance of Mr Li Cunxin. For the first time Xavier made male friends in the industry that were like-minded in their pursuits, and in 2017 he was blessed to dance alongside his idol, fellow Aussie Steven McRae, in The Royal Ballet’s “The Winter’s Tale” at QPAC. Xavier danced professionally in Queensland Ballet’s production of “La Fille mal gardée” and had the opportunity to dance alongside Li Cunxin in his special performance in “The Nutcracker” at the Lyric Theatre. 2018 marks yet another new beginning for Xavier, where he will leave traditional schooling behind and enter the world of full-time dance. He will continue to travel to Melbourne as an ITP Level 2 student at The Australian Ballet School and will also enter Queensland Ballet’s Associate Program Level 2. Xavier will always be grateful to all of the amazing choreographers, studio owners, teachers, competition directors and dance friends who have supported him on his journey. Though there have been many trials along the way, it is these trials that have spurred him on in his pursuit of his craft; they have shaped him into the person he is today and the man he is yet to become. Xavier is excited to attend the upcoming Ballet Brother’s workshop

Xavier Xue


"Dance is fun! It lifts the spirit and strengthens the mind. "

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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