Introducing Thomas,
Thomas started dancing when he was 7 after he went to see his twin sister’s dance recital. He remembers wanting to be just like the male lead! He is now 11 years old and trains at The Academy of Classical Ballet in Ballarat, Victoria under the direction of Kellie Fishwick-Roscoe.
Tom studies Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Acro and is currently working towards the RAD Grade 5 and Intermediate Foundation examinations. He has received distinction for all examinations to date. Tom was selected as a finalist following a successful audition at the 2017 Ballet Teachers Workshop (Vic) auditions and presented at the 2018 Australasian Ballet Challenge where he was selected as a Finalist. He is hoping to travel to New Zealand in 2019 for the Alana Haines Australasian Awards in Wellington.
Thomas is passionate about ballet and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his idols Adam Bull, Kevin Jackson and Steve McRae. He has had the privilege of meeting both Adam Bull and Kevin Jackson and hopes to meet Steven McRae one day. Tom eats sleeps and breathes ballet and when he is not practising he loves watching ballets. He particularly likes to watch Mikhail Baryshnikov.
Tom has endured lots of bullying at school. He said the name calling was the hardest to deal with. The worst of the bullying for Tom was when the sports co-ordinator told him that “they don’t put ballerinas on the basketball team”. This had a huge effect on Tom’s confidence and self-esteem. The bullying happened most days and it was both verbal and physical. Fortunately for Tom this never made him quit dancing. He has a lot of support from his dance teacher Miss. Kellie and his family. Tom is in now in grade 6 and has changed schools. His new school embraces diversity and he is even one of the school captains.

After many challenges Tom continues to practice, audition and perform knowing one day his commitment, drive and dedication will pay off. Tom’s dream is to dance with the Australian Ballet or Royal Ballet and would love nothing more than to see a change in people’s attitudes and the stereotypes associated with being a boy in dance…..
Tom is attending the Melbourne Ballet Brothers workshop and can’t wait to you all there.




"Dance is fun! It lifts the spirit and strengthens the mind. "

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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