Dancing to me is my true passion and the thing that brings me the most joy in this world but it wasn’t always. You see, it wasn’t my dream since I was three like most others, however, It was always in me I think, remembering the fact that I used to be that kid that would never keep still when I was young. At age 10, I decided to take up a hip hop class in a small local studio to see what it was like since I had always watched a very close friend of mine dance on stage and I wanted to give it a go. After a few years of trying this and that and discovering what I liked and didn’t, it had unconsciously become an outlet for me to express myself and bring me happiness. It was at 17, following a meeting about my potential with a teacher of mine, that I realised I wanted to do this for as long as I can. So I went full time and put in the hours of hard work in and out of the studio because I wasn’t gifted with natural facility and technique and I got to where I am today, currently on contract with the worlds largest cruise ship company in the USA for 8 months and then joining The Elephant In The Black Box Junior Company this coming September in Madrid, Spain. I’m so thankful for everything the world has offered me and I think dancing is something you really have to experience at least once in your life as it is so rewarding for the body and soul.

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"When a body moves its the most revealing thing. Dance for me a minute and I’ll tell you who you are. "

Mikhail Baryshinkov

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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