Introducing Matthew,
Matthew has not really experienced any issues with bullying. That may change as he gets older. Sometimes it’s hard for others to understand things like having to wear stage makeup, for example. Matthew absolutely loves the performance aspect of dance – the costumes, the stage, the music! He also enjoys being part of a wonderful team, with his group dances, and is beginning to branch out into more solo performances. Matthew takes advantage, as much as he can, of opportunities to improve as a dancer. As well as attending classes, he attends workshops and works hard at home, too. He is working hard to show his commitment to dancing. Matthew would like other boys to know: take advantage of your strengths and work hard to improve the things you are not so good at – then you can create a balance.

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"Keep pushing everyday and your dreams will come true, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise "

Jake Burden

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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