Joe Dufty

Joe started dancing around 4 1/2 years old because he had lots of energy. He was often with me when I collected my daughter from dancing and one day said that he would like to try it if there was a “boy teacher”. There was a male teacher who taught hip hop and so Joe’s journey began. He loved it and was moving all the time. Joe was enthralled with Michael Jackson and constantly tried to emulate him. We changed studios, joining an all boy’s jazz class and after watching some of the “big boys” do ballet he wanted to try ballet as well. Although Joe has done extremely well in hip hop, ballet is his favourite, mainly due to the complexity, difficulty and of course the leaps. Unfortunately like many other boys Joe has suffered from the mandatory bullying and name calling. Thankfully Joe is secure in who he is but it is difficult to be constantly incorrectly labelled because of something you love to do. Joe is blessed to dance with a small group of older boys who encourage, support and treat him as a little brother and who he looks up to. Joe’s current ambition is to be a professional contemporary dancer with either the Australian Ballet Theatre, Sydney Dance Company or Bangarra Dance Theatre. Joe is extremely proud of his indigenous heritage and has recently commenced training some indigenous tribal dance. Although dance is a big part of his life he also loves Parkour, tumbling, fast cars, skateboarding, making movies, fashion and rapping. I think Ballet Brothers is an essential support for male dancers especially his age entering into the treacherous teen years as they often drop out of dance due to a lack of understanding from their male and female peers but also because they often feel completely isolated. To be able to connect with other boys who love the same thing and have something in common without the fear of being ridiculed will be a wonderful and secure experience.

Joe Dufty


"In order to fly, you have to be free "

Li Cunxin

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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