Introducing Dylan,
Dylan learns dancing at Dance Express Mackay & dancing is a very important part of his life. When Dylan was born he was very ill, so he spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit & Ronald Macdonald House. Although he recovered, it left him with poor motor skills & weak lungs. He was also an extremely shy child. So at the age of 4, Dylan’s mum enrolled him in dancing, recognising the benefits he might gain. Well, it turned out that Dylan loved dancing – despite finding it difficult to execute steps. He enjoyed all the different dancing genres, although he was most suited to the slower controlled movements of ballet. With much hard work, over the years his dancing ability has continued to develop, along with his co-ordination, strength, flexibility & confidence. Dylan loves to dance because it makes him feel special & he enjoys transforming into new characters. He says that dancing has made him a better person because he has become stronger, more disciplined & more self-confident. Dylan is very fortunate not to have encountered bullying or teasing that many male dancers are subjected to. In fact he receives tremendous support from everyone at school and his dancing school. And being the only boy in his ballet class doesn’t bother him at all. We are very proud of his dedication, enthusiasm & determination that has resulted in the dancer he is today. His love of dance is obvious. Dylan is now 10yrs old & continues to learn all styles, although his favorite is still ballet.

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"Dancing is music made visible "

George Balanchine

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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