Very successful workshops in Brisbane and Sydney!

Ballet Brothers recently held their first very successful workshops in Brisbane and Sydney!

We had an incredible day with all the young men. We danced a lot, but also shared personal experiences and gave advice on how to deal with difficult situations. The boys enjoyed the day very much, I think the male specific technique was the biggest hit. Overall the boys, myself and my team had a fantastic few days and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far. Every boy that has attended a workshop is very passionate and dedicated, this has made Ballet Brothers even more determined to help society drop the stigma and realize it is cool to be a male dancer.

Ballet Brothers has their next workshop in Melbourne on Sunday (29th April). Please suggest more destinations that you think need a Ballet Brothers workshop, email us or write on our Facebook page.

Ballet Brothers United In Dance

“Fantastic. My son did a junior boys workshop this morning and he found it fun and inspiring.” Gabriela Mis 

“Fantastic workshop today! Can’t speak highly enough of Jake and his team” Nancy Mariel 

 “Jarrod enjoyed the classes and found a new respect for contemporary. Hopefully he will be able to attend more workshops for boys. Also caught up with an old friend” Kristy McWilliams 

“So wonderful to see so many boys in Dance!! Congratulations Jake Burden and Ballet Brothers” National College of Dance 

“A fantastic turnout of students and a wonderful day altogether. Our thanks to Jake Burden and colleagues for all their hardwork.” Royal Academy of Dance Australia 




"Keep pushing everyday and your dreams will come true, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise "

Jake Burden

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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