Introducing Jye,
Dancing has always been something I’ve been known for – even as a toddler I always used to dance around the house. However prior to beginning dance classes, becoming a professional dancer never sparked my interest. I didn’t initially enjoy dancing when I first began taking classes (jazz, tap & ballet) at the age of six. I much preferred just putting on music at home and improvising by myself, because for me it was (and still is) where I felt most like myself.

Growing up as a male dancer hasn’t always been easy, as most boys in both primary and secondary school who were my age used to play sports such as basketball, soccer or cricket. So naturally I used to get picked on very often, there weren’t many days that I didn’t get a hard time from someone. Schooling was the hardest time for me because I was struggling a lot with finding who I was on my own, without letting people’s words and actions affect me. Despite this, I have always had the support of my family and friends.

After being offered an opportunity to train at a full time school at 14 I began to realise that I wanted to become a professional dancer. So with the love and support from my family I moved from Coffs Harbour to Newcastle to train at the National College of Dance in 2015.

Fast forward to three years later and I have moved to Spain and am currently working in the Elephant in the Black Box Junior Company, already preparing for our first show “Woman” which premiers in March. A lot of people have helped me to get where I am today, past teachers and friends. But I am most thankful for my parents, who have always supported me and who have made my dream a reality.

So to all boys who are thinking of, or who are currently dancing: keep going. You’re always going to come across people who will try and knock you down, but fighting for what you want in your life is what makes you stronger. It’s your life! So live it the way you want, doing what you’re passionate about. Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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"Dance is fun! It lifts the spirit and strengthens the mind. "

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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