Introducing Jack

His old mates are all footy players but are some of his biggest supporters.

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Thomas is passionate about ballet and hopes to follow in the footsteps of his idols Adam Bull, Kevin Jackson and Steve McRae.

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He is working towards The Australian Ballet School in a few years – but for now, enjoying all genres of dance.

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When Dylan was born he was very ill, so he spent some time in the Intensive Care Unit. It left him with poor motor skills & weak lungs.

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To all boys who are thinking of, or who are currently dancing: keep going. You’re always going to come across people who will try and knock you down, but fighting for what you want in your life is what makes you stronger. It’s your life! So live it the way you want, doing what you’re passionate about. Never let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams.

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Dancing to me is my true passion and the thing that brings me the most joy in this world but it wasn’t always.

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Over the years he has dabbled a little in contemporary and recently jazz but classical seems to come most natural.


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Matthew has not really experienced any issues with bullying. That may change as he gets older

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Joe Dufty

Thankfully Joe is secure in who he is but it is difficult to be constantly incorrectly labelled because of something you love to do.

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Xavier Xue

Xavier stepped into his first pair of tiny black ballet shoes at a mere 18 months of age.

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He has Autism, and suffers major anxiety before going on to perform his solos – but gets there in the end.

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I started at the age of 15 going on 16 and I always struggled at school with a social hierarchy!

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"In order to fly, you have to be free "

Li Cunxin

Jake Burden
New South Wales, Australia

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